Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brianna Is LOVING Her New Life In Hawthorne, New Jersey

As I looked through the kill list at a South Carolina shelter this little petite choclate lab caught my eye. I watched her for a couple of days and noone stepped up to pull her. I didn't understand it at all, so the day before transport was heading to New Jersey, I pulled little Brianna and she headed north in search of her forever home. Soon after being in New Jersey she had a adoption appointment thanks to a wonderful GROWL supporter Ilena! They were immediately smitten with Brianna and she had indeed found her new home and she also has a fur-brother as well thats a quite large black lab. They go on walk and hikes all the time and love the outdoors! Brianna is now named Molly and she is indeed a very lucky labby girl!

Kalani of the 7 Sizzling Sisters! Three Years Later....

There was a litter of seven black lab female puppies at a rural kill shelter in South Carolina. Little Kalani was indeed one of those seven. She continues to be a wonderful companion to mom Liza. Here is a wonderful updated picture of Kalani, its been great watching Kalani grow up as we have stayed in touch with Liza and we have seen updates and pictures of her growing so big and beautiful! Thanks Liza for opening your home and heart to this wonderful girl 3 years ago. She truly is a fortunate girl.

Spice & Her Brothers Turn TWO!

Spice was the only female in the litter of puppies that were rescued from a rural high kill shelter in Barnwell, South Carolina. Spice was a very sweet and loving little lady and always did have unique markings. The litter recently celebrated their 2 year birthdays. Time has passed and all of these babies have grown to be so big and beautiful and are very smart and loyal. This litter is the litter that was also seen on The Martha Stewart Show. Spice was actually my adoption appointment following the filming of the show. We went from the show to her home visit and adoption finalization. It was there that I actually was able to watch the show with Donna as she had taped it. I thank all of these babies homes and want to post some of the updates as well because they are all so very special as are all of the GROWLKIDS. Spice is now named Lexi and is residing in New Jersey.

Senior Chihuahua Frannie Has Welcomed Two Human Siblings!

It seems like just a few months ago Frannie and Frankie were in South Carolina at a rescue and not getting any interest. In fact it was almost 2 years ago! GROWL was asked by that rescue to please acccept them and place them in NJ/NY if at all possible. They were irresistable so they both headed north and GROWL was in search of finding them a forever home. A couple of weeks later Anthony and Mindy saw them and adopted both Frankie and Frannie. They saw the love and care they so craved and deserved. A little while after their first baby was born Frankie started getting very protective so we had to move Frankie from the home and relocate him to another family in New Jersey that has spoiled him rotten as well. These are a couple of pictures of little Frannie now with her family and now her two human siblings!

Elijah Is Almost FOUR! Unbelievable....

It merely seems like yesterday GROWL rescued a litter of little black lab mix puppies from a rural kill shelter in South Carolina. Well Eli (Elijah) is clearly proof that time has flown by and that he clearly was adopted to a wonderful couple in New York that love him dearly! He is almost FOUR years old! Seeing updates and pictures of Eli over the years has been just delightful and I can't thank the Travers family for giving this amazing boy a GREAT home!

Ernie Is Loving His Forever Home In PA

Ernie, the adorable southern boy, has already found his forever home in PA. Ernie was rescued from a rural kill shelter in South Carolina. This little calm boy loves to give unconditional kisses and cuddle with you for hours. Thanks to Supporter Meredith Lamm, Ernie was introduced to his forever mommy Barbara. Barbara had been looking for a companion and had been going to pet shops and looking to buy a companion and Meredith spoke highly of rescue to Barbara and she agreed to consider adoption and meet a couple of the dogs GROWL had available for adoption. Upon meeting Ernie it was pretty much love at first lick! Ernie is now named "Buddy", and he truly is Barbaras little buddy. Thanks to Meredith for introducing GROWL to Barbara and having a huge part in making Barbara and Ernie best buddies!

Fannie Is All Plump Now and Loving Her New Buddy!

Poor little Fannie found herself in a very rural high kill shelter. Fannie is a red dachshund around 2 years old. She was rescued by GROWL once we found out about her. She was very malnourished and soon after pulling her she came doen with kennel cough and lost even more weight. She soon recovered and was transported to New Jersey. Susan and her family had been looking for a buddy for their son and he had fallen in love with Fannie when he saw her. She was still in need of extra care and alot of extra meals and some plumping up! Fannie went to Susan and her family on a foster to adopt and it was soon decided that little miss Fannie wasn't going anywhere. As you can see, she is also a hit at the Cub Scout meetings as well.

Truman and Pierre Are Buddies in New York!

When Pierre went online he was looking for a companion and a buddy to walk and hang out with. He soon saw Trumans picture and surely thought that this little man was indeed his pal. Truman was rescued from a South Carolina kill shelter via Carolina Cockers Rescue. He had been in South Carolina for a few months and they asked GROWL to please find Truman and wonderful home. Truman set out on his trip to New Jersey and after we received the application for Truman we spoke with Pierre and set up the meeting for Truman. He went into a foster to adopt with Pierre and a couple of days later I re-visited Pierre in Orangeburg, New York officially signed Trumans adoption paperwork. He is truely in a WONDERFUL home and those 2 are the best of buddies!

Brandy Is Loving Her Second Chance

As stunning and sweet as this wonderful girl is, she still ended up in a South Carolina kill shelter. Brandy was in a kennel with another older black and tan setter. The setter was rescued and Brandy was left behind. Brandy was then pulled by GROWL and transported up to New Jersey so that she too could have a second chance at life! Brandy was only a baby, a mere 5 months old. She had obviously not had the best beginning in her life and she needed a patient and loving home to call her own forever. When Harry saw Brandy online he never gave up to get a appointment and a home visit for her. Even contacting a previous adopter via the GROWL blog so I would know he and his wife were very sincere about adopting her. A few days later after Brandy was spayed she went on her meet and greet/home visit. It was love at first site and Brandy had indeed met her new family and the loving home she would call her own. Congratulations to Brandy and thanks to the Bess family for adopting and saving a life!

What A Difference 2.5 Years Makes! Bella Has Blossomed

Two and a half years ago, GROWL pulled a little tan fluffy girl named Pheebee. She didn't have a beautiful coat at first, she was poorly fed and her care wasn't great in the south. She was in a kill shelter and slated for death. Pheebee was transported to New Jersey and she was in search of finding her forever home. It was long before Pheebee was intoduced to her new mommy Mindy. Pheebee left her foster home in New Jersey which adored her as well and she set off on her new life in New York City. AS you can see she has become a beautiful little lady, now named Bella.

Sunshine Has Made The Days Bright For Lauren And Neil In Newburgh, New York

The sun is shining in Newburgh, New York! The days were once dark and gloomy for a special little lady name Sunshine. She was rescued from South Carolina when a rescue requested that GROWL take Sunshine and find her a loving home. That actually didn't take much time at all! As soon as Lauren saw Sunshine online she submitted her application and we worked with her during the week to organize a meet and greet. It was love at first sight for Lauren and as soon as she met Sunshine a new beginning had begun for them both. Sunshine now lives in Newburgh, New York with Lauren and Neil and as you can tell she feel very comfy in her new bed! Thanks to Lauren and Neil for adopting this baby and saving her life!

Skye Has To Be On Cloud 9!

Little Skye found herself in a South Carolina kill shelter facing death. She was rescued from the shelter by GROWL and veteran rescuer Kerry Bryce. She made her way to New Jersey and Skye immediatly melted the hearts of Tom and Lindsey. Once she visited them, ran and sniffed EVERYTHING in the backyard, the rest was history. Skye is in her forever home getting all the attention and love she could want. Everyone is on cloud nine with little Skye!

Lil Bit Is Surely Making A Statement in Her New Jersey Home!

Lil Bit was turned into a rural South Carolina shelter with her pal Precious. These two little ladies have the hearts of gold. Both of them were pulled by GROWL and transported up to New Jersey to find their forever homes. Cheryl saw Lil Bit online and shortly after she emailed and we scheduled her meet and greet and home visit. Cheryl had been around Cammi her boyfriends dachshund and fell in love with her and they wanted to add a new addition. The meeting was set and as soon as the family laid their eyes on Lil Bit they absolutely loved her. They are in the process of ironing out some little kinks (Lil Bit LOVES to bark 24/7 when alone) but love Lil Bit to pieces and she is definately being spoiled like she never has been! Lil Bit is on the left in the picture and Cammi her fur-sister is on the left. Congrats to Lil Bit and Cheryl and her family as well. Thank you also for opting to adopt and saving a life.

Ina - Almost 2 Years Later

Wonderful little Ina was adopted in June 2010 from GROWL. She was adopted to Emily in Washington and quickly because the little light on Emilys eye! Its been almost 2 years and over the years I have been able to see updates on Ina and keep in contact with Emily as well. I must say that she is quite happy and content as we all can see! Little Ina loves to gamble in Atlantic City. Thanks Emily for loving little Ina and giving her the security and the forever loving home she deserved. Bet it all on Red Ina!