Friday, January 25, 2013

Rembert is Loving the Jersey Shore!

**Adoption Update - Rembert**

Rembert Loving the Shore!

Rembert and his siblings were rescued from the Newberry, South Carolina shelter. They found themselvs in he kill shelter during the cold holiday season. Luckily the entire litter was able to be rescued by GROWL. Thanks you all of the GROWL supporters on Facebook and everywhere, these guys all made it on the Holiday Transport in December.

Rembert is growing so big and he is truly enjoying living on the Jersey Shore!

Congrats Rembert, your Auntie Dawn loves seeing you so happy!

Ole Babygirl (Winky)!

*Adoption Update - Babygirl (Winky)*

Many of you remember little Winky that was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina along with her brother and mom. This little girl was so very small when she got to me that she was underweight, dehydrated and barely alive. I stayed up with her 24/7 for around 10 days giving her fluids every single hour by syringe. IV would have been too much for her little body and she was on a wing and a prayer. My vet told me to give her all she will take She had the will to live and drank all the fluids I would give her religiously. I had the feeling that this little girl would be mine forever because of the bond we formed. Her brother was ready for his forever home and I did want to see how she would do away from me so she went to foster with one of my amazing foster homes. Maureen is very strict foster and she makes certain she doesn't get too attached and her fosters move fast.

I soon got a call after a couple of days asking that if I didn't keep Winky could we share her. I knew at that point, my Little Miracle Winky was leaving me, it was meant to be. She was going to a amazing home with Maureen and her family, along with 2 great Basset Hounds. This was the answers to my prayers be cause I get to see Babygirl, as she is now called, pretty much every month and she has grown into such a amazing little wonder.

Just so everyone knows exactly how Winky got her name from me, She wasn't always at full strength but when she was she would also look and focus on me and wink with one little eye. I knew then she was focused on getting better and she would survive!

Thank you to Maureen and her great family for loving this little miracle as much as I do and giving her that love every single day!