Friday, May 29, 2009

Sofie~Another Mississippi Blessing!!!

Sofie is another lucky girl rescued from Mississippi!! She is actually the sister of Samantha below!!! She is pictured here with her fur-sister Sadie! As you can see Sofie is loving the life she has been granted and loving she has a fur-sister to pal around with!

Huge Thanks and Hugs to Her Mommy Shana for sending us these great pics and keeping us all updated on Sofie!!! All of these Mississippi babies are growing like crazy and its just awesome to see them sooooo very happy!!!! AWESOME!

Samantha~Enjoyed Her Camping Weekend!!

Samantha was one of the nine labs that were rescued from Mississippi! As you can see she has a playmate thats a little on the small side but they are best friends! Recently they all went camping and Samantha loved it!! They even share beds although Samantha seems to think she is Peanuts size and tries to fit her 25lb self in that tiny bed!! Too cute!!

Samanthas mommy sent us these pics today and as you can see she looks awesome!!! Samantha is living the life in PA with her awesome family and fellow furkid!!!

Kelsey ~ Overcame Being Mauled By 2 Pitbulls...Stronger Than Ever!!

Kelsey is one strong girl! She was adopted from us around 8-10 weeks old. She was doing excellent with her awesome home in Connecticut until a few months back I got a email from Andrea and Kelsey was in the vets office struggling to survive! Kelsey was on her daily walk with her mommy and she was mauled by 2 pitbulls that were off leash and off their property! Kelsey went through a HUGE emotional and physical ordeal. Her tongue was pretty much ripped from her mouth but luckily was able to be reattached. Her leg was touch and go for awhile as well, Kelsey is a huge runner as that was one reason her daddy was so excited to get a puppy that was active was so she could run with him everyday! So not knowing if she would use her leg again or they could have even been faced with possible amputation. With prayers and the love and care from her mommy and family by her side Kelsey made it through and is stronger than ever. She still has a few scars but she never gave up and is here stronger than ever now with us!!!

These are updated pics of Kelsey, but if you scroll down the blog you can see her as a little thing, she has grown into a beauty and is loved so much by all of us!!!

Lilly is Living It Up in NYC!!!

Lilly was from a litter of 3 rescued from Camden, South Carolina. She was very shy but as you can see has come a very long way living in NYC. Looks like she has mastered the wild streets of the city and even challenges her daddy to a game of pool!!

I visited Lilly recently in the city at the dog park with her mommy Liz and I must say she gives the other pups there a workout!! She has speed like no other pup in the park! She looks awesome and I am very proud to see that little shy girl completely out of her shell and mastering the Big Apple!!!

One of Lillys brothers is Derby thats in the blog here also!! You may also see Lilly at her daddys bar on occasion... and if so stop by and say hi and have a drink at the VILLAGE POURHOUSE!!!