Monday, January 10, 2011

~Bruce Takes Over Brooklyn~

If you see a little cutie coming down the streets in Brooklyn, his name is Bruce! His mommy Coral fell in love with him after he was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina and transported via GROWL to New Jersey. Since his mommy is a hat maker its fitting he has a photo session in a hat! He looks absolutely adorable! Thanks Coral for opening your home to a rescued GROWLKID and saving a life!

Little Miss Jada * Queen of the Sullivan Home in New York!

Jada (formerly named Dippy) was rescued from South Carolina. She was transported to New Jersey via GROWL with her sister Tippy in search of their forever homes! Kimberly and Chris came to meet Dippy and fell in love with her! She quickly became the queen of the house! Kimberly and Chris were newlyweds and had their first furkid as well, so exciting! They make a awesome family and GROWL is proud to have adopted to the Sullivans and we always love their updates! Kisses to Jada and thanks to you both!

*Axl (Ralphie) loving his life in Freehold, NJ*

Axl (formerly named Ralphie) is loving his new home and the SNOW in New Jersey! His new mommy Amanda updated GROWL recently with his updated photo and boy his is lanky and large just like she said! He is quite handsome and a very lucky "little man". He was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina and transported via GROWL to his new and forever home in Freehold, New Jersey. Congrats to Amanda and her family and GROWL thanks you so much for opening your home to a rescued furkid!

"Little Ina" The DC Chihuahua!

Ina is now prancing around and taking over DC! Ina is a little applehead chihuahua that has found her forever home in DC with her new mom Emily! She was rescued from South Carolina and transported up to Washington via GROWL. Little Ina also has a new kitty friend in her new home as well. They are still learning a bit from each other but progressing everyday! Ina has to get used to the cold as she wears her cute little sweater and has many outfits to change into so she stays warm! Thanks to Emily for opening her home to Little Ina and loving her like she so very much deserves!

Sir Lancelot in his PERFECT NJ home!

Sir Lancelot was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. The poor baby had no hair on his ears and very little on his tail. He was very stressed out! He was rescued from the shelter and then vetted and transported via GROWL to NJ. Susan spotted this baby online and wanted to meet him as he was still available for adoption. He went for a foster to adopt situation and as you can see he fit right in with Susan and her family. We are also happy to report that he now has hair on his ears and his tail! Also, as you can see he also loves to snuggle!

Two HUGE Couch Potatoes * Moose & Tracker

Moose and Tracker have grown into 2 HUGE couch potatoes and lovebugs!! These 2 babies were formerly Ace and Jedi and rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky. They were transported to New Jersey and after interviewing quite a few people for these babies GROWL was able to place them together in their forever home with Patrick and Kristin. As you can see they are just 2 HUGE goofballs! When they came from the shelter they were a huge hit with all the fosters, volunteers and everyone but adopting them together was essential as they are so very bonded they look for each other when alone and take care of each other like no 2 dogs I had ever seen. Huge thanks to Kristen and Patrick for adopting these babies and kisses to Moose and Tracker from every heart they touched on the transport and everyone they met along the way!

*The Beautiful Black Lab Zoey*

Zoey (formerly Sassy) is doing great with her new mommy Emily in MA. She is growing every single day and has learned so many commands already (sit, shake, down,roll over, circle the legs and is learning to sit and spin! Oh and her mommy says she has a extra long tail! Zoey was orginally rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina and was transported and adopted to Emily.

Congrats Emily and Zoey, keep us updated on all of your new tricks and skills!