Friday, October 23, 2009

Jonesy "JuJu" Update....

Well, I just wanted to "promote" Jonesys' daddy here on the GROWL blog. Neil is featured in one of the new Intel commercials! Please check it out, he is the actor that walks in on the right!!

And here is Jonesys' living it up napping on her bed while mommy and daddy work so hard!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Curtis....Eight Days Wasnt Long Enough......You Will Be Remembered Curtis!!

Curtis was a 9 year old Maltese pulled from a kill shelter in Greenville, SC. Curtis found his way to New Jersey the weekend of October 11th, thanks to dedicated volunteer transport drivers. When he arrived, his foster mom Sue fell instantly for Curtis, he was indeed a very special boy. As it turns out, Curtis was actually about 12 years old, completely deaf and also almost completely blind. Curtis was also matted beyond belief. He got a complete shavedown on Monday in New York and was checked by our vet on Monday as well. As it turns out Curtis was in heart failure. Although he was acting ok Sat/Sun, by Monday he wasnt eating much. Upon examination by our vet, along with the heart failure Curtis also had extremely bad teeth with puss pockets that were so infected and draining that they were contributing to the pain of the rotten teeth and the heart failure. This poor little man seemed to never get a step ahead! Though through all of this, his foster mommy Sue stayed by Curtis' side and provided Curtis with the most love and compassion that he could have asked for. For this, we are thankful for the Judges and the love and support they had for Curtis.

Sadly, over the weekend Curtis took a turn for the worse and he was in alot of pain. He was taken to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic on Sunday and was given some Lasix to drain the fluid from around his heart, but his poor body was just tired. Curtis went over to the Rainbow Bridge today (Oct 19) and is now running free of the horrible pain and suffering.

Curtis' medical expenses were alot more than expected for GROWL, if you would like to donate to Curtis Medical Fund we would greatly appreciate it.
There is a link below.

Curtis before his shavedown...

Curtis resting peaceful after his grooming and vet check...

Katies Letter for Curtis... (Katie wrote this to a little girl from their town that passed away recently)

Curtis at the vet...

Curtis has a very love-filled final days...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sadie at Home In Brooklyn with Alex and Ben....

Sadie was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. She made her way to New Jersey and was searching for her forever home. Alex and Ben found Sadie and welcomed her into their home. Alex emailed us some cute pictures of Sadie in her new home and also said that Sadie is a very quick learner! Sadie is yet another very lucky GROWLKID and her future looks very bright!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jesse Is On The Job Everyday.....

Jesse is from the litter of Bichons we rescued from a breeder in PA. Shortly after we rescued them in 2008 Rosalind adopted Jesse and well she has been happy everyday from day one! He was about 3 months when he was rescued and he is already 17 months now!!! Wow!! A little bit about Jesse below is what his fur-mommy Rosalind sent us!

Everyone loves him....he is a non-registered "therapy dog" as I am a psychotherapist and he comes to work with me all the time. He is in one lap after another all day. People see him from across the street and point b/c he is so friggin CUTE!!!

As with every baby we rescue, we are sooooo happy to see Jesse doing so well and getting the love and care he so deserves!!! Oh and yes he is related to Tully in one of the earlier posts...not sure how but they came during the same rescue....

"Cody" (Stu) ~ Has found his forever home in New York..

Stu finally made it on the transport headed north from South Carolina and into his forever home! He had a case of kennel cough but his new family waited patiently on him. His new name is Cody and as you can see he is being smothered with the love he deserves. Justin and Amanda are sure to make everyday a wonderful day for Cody! He is even pretty much housetrained after only a couple of days and also gets along well with their other dog Maggie.

Yet another GROWLKID happy and loved the way all furkids should be!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Max ~ Honorary GROWLKID ~ 12/25/03 - 07/01/09

This blog post is in memory of a Honorary GROWLKID, Max. Max crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge 07/01/09. Max was a great little cocker spaniel that I met just a couple of months ago in New Jersey. His family was a little concerned that Max was starting to get a little temper and wasn't acting like himself. With a new baby coming along, and another little one in the house they really were having to think on the basis of the family, but yet really didn't want to give up on Max. They were referred to GROWL by our foster Stacy that knew them well and also knew that I have a strong weakness for cockers. We talked for awhile at Stacys and I spoke to them about cockers and the fact that Max had grown up as a puppy with them, and for all of these years and never had a issue and it really made no sense to me. We spoke about it being a medical issue with Max and maybe he was trying to tell us something was wrong but well, can't really say it and he just didnt feel good when he was having his "cockertude". For some strange reason when I was there with Max and talking to them it just seemed like the answer. A week or so after I got a message from Angie that it was a pulled muscle in Max's back and he was much better and things were going great! Of course this made me very happy as Max and his family loved each other and it was very apparent!!!

Recently I saw where Max had crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and Angie has told me Max had a emergency on July 1st and a tumor on his spleen had ruptured and there was no more they could do for him. Angie and John were right with Max as he crossed over and now he is playing pain free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge!

I am very happy that Max was able to stay his final months with Angie and John and they were there for him until the end. I feel very honored to have met this awesome couple and Max, they never gave up on him and I admire that so very much!!

You are loved and missed Max....

Lucy! Wow...A Year Later ~ Just Beautiful!

"Little" Miss Lucy was rescued in June of 2008 from South Carolina. Lucy made her way up north via GROWL transport and soon found her furever home in Brooklyn, New York! Casey sent me these updated pictures of Lucy today and man oh man I am grinning from ear to ear! This "Little" girl has grown into such a BEAUTY!!! As you can see she is so very happy!

Her mommy Casey says this about Lucy....

Hi Dawn!
I just wanted to check in and share with you how happy we have been this last year with Lucy (formerly Izze from Mauldin SC) We got her June 4th 2008. Our lives have changed drastically for the better! She is a happy Brooklyn puppy that get about 4-6 miles a day as well as lots and lots of fetch! She is even making friends with just about every dog she meets! Thank you again for all you girls do. I attached her pet-finder pic as well as a couple updates of her running and playing in the dog park!

Mathew The Misunderstood Cocker!!

Mathew is a cocker spaniel found in the Bronx and the ASPCA in New York was called in to handle his case. Matty, as we now call him, was a little "territorial" with his toys and treats. We stepped in at the request of the ASPCA and Matty is now a GROWLKID. At the moment Matty is in South Carolina with Dawn and doing alot better. He shares his toys now and food as well and he is wanting to be loved on 24/7.

Enjoy the video and look at how great Matty looks now compared to when Annemarie got the call to rescue him!

Thanks Annemarie!!! Keep up the great work and GROWL will always help when we can!!!

Always Report Animal Cruelty!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Vinny ~ Now James / "Jammers"!!

Little update on our "Spokesman" Vinny who is now named James....

Lisa and Brian sent us this updated picture today and as you can see James has literally made himself at home. Here is a little bit of what Lisa says about this great boy....

He is a great dog! He gets along with the cats and all the craziness of the house. He is fun to have, he does very "Jack" things, like jumping up on the
kitchen counter, but it's funny to just see him sitting up there with a
"I didn't do it" look, I just could eat him up!!.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nikita~Snuggling in Galloway, NJ!

Cute little Nikita has found her furever home in New Jersey. Nikita hitched a ride from South Carolina in hopes of finding the love she deserved. She was lucky enough to come across a family looking to adopt a baby in need. Kerrie and Tom came and met Nikita and it was a match. Now she lives at home with them and also her fur-sister Adira. Kerrie also told us when they go on walks Nikita gets a little upset and whines when people dont come over and talk to her, confident little girl she is! I think Nikita will be quite the diva it seems and we wish Tom and Kerrie the best with their GROWLKID Nikita!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

"MJ"~ Last Boy Of The Litter To Come North!!!

"MJ" is the brother of Simber, Triska and Cassma. He finally made it north yesterday! His sisters came a couple of weeks ago but there was limited room in the van so he waited patiently on his next turn to hop on board! Well "MJ" as you can see is getting the love that he has waited so long for!! We want to thank Sue and her family for adopting "MJ" and giving him his furever home....

Oh and by the way "MJ" was named after the famous legend Michael Jackson that recently passed away....So now "MJ" must live up to this legendary name!!!

GROWL also needs to give thanks to Rob for driving him north and also to Brenda for staying out a little later than normal and braving the NJ turnpike to pick "MJ" up!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GROWLKIDS Need A Little Help....


If you have adopted a GROWLKID or you are a GROWL Supporter or just happened to swing by the blog on accident, GROWL needs your help! Times are tough and the economy has hit everyone hard. We have been VERY fortunate to be using our own van for the last months and are able to carry GROWLKIDS north at least twice a month! This has helped us out alot!

GROWL has FINALLY placed the last GROWLKID that was in boarding in a foster home! We have been on a mission to do this so that we can start chipping away at the accruing monthly bills we have. We have started with a 1,000.00 goal and hope to be able to start there and raise what we need to so that we can continue to pull, transport, and vet the many GROWLKIDS we rescue.

GROWL has done many massive shelter pulls using 15-20 kennel runs at a time just to save as many lives as we can!

We currently have a surgery pending that will be about 500.00 and we need to apply 500.00 to the boarding bill. We have been doing at least 2 van transports each month north of furkids and we have had a few van repairs that have taken alot of the rescue funds we have raised lately.

We would greatly appreciate your help if you can so that we are able to save many more GROWLKIDS!!!

THANK YOU for helping all of these wonderful rescued babies!!!!

You can paypal donations to or the Chip-In is in the box below!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dex ~ "I Found My Forever Home in New Jersey!"

Dex has found his forever home in New Jersey!!! He was from a litter of three little men that needed to find the love they deserved. They came all the way from South Carolina. His brother is below in a previous blog, Beasley is his brother! This pic is the day Dex was taken to his forever home and he is doing just wonderful!

Daisy ~ Enjoying her new life in NY!

Daisy was a Aussie Mix rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. She and her littermates made their way to New Jersey and soon found their forever homes! Daisy has a fur-sister and 2 human sisters! She is living the dream in New York and we wish her and her family the best! Thanks to her mommy Sarah for sending us these great pictures of Daisy and her fur-sister snuggling.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Triska and Cassma * Sisters Living The GREAT Life in NJ!!

GROWL rescued these girls along with their sister Simber from a rural kill shelter in South Carolina. (You can see Simber in the past blogs below). These girls were lucky enough to find their forever home TOGETHER!! Their mommy was interested in either of the girls and she agreed to foster them BOTH until we found a home for whichever one didnt "bond" with their family the best. Well, I mean really, who wouldnt love both of these girls! So needless to say both of these girls are living together in their forever home. They frolic and play together and are just the best of friends and wow what a great life. We are also connecting Sara (Simbers mommy) and Susan (Cassma and Triskas mommy) so that all of the girls can get together for many play dates! (P.S. We want pictures ladies!!)

Two more lucky GROWLKIDS in their furever homes!!!!

Lola ~ The Princess of the Three....

Lola is the sister of Bandit and Samauri in the blog below. She was the only female of the three that GROWL rescued. As you can see from her pictures below she is still growing and becoming a gorgeous (yet big) girl!! Her daddy Greg is pictured here with her when she was adopted and Alex her cuddles her for her recent picture!! As you can see Lola is in a awesome home like all of our GROWLKIDS!! We are so thankful for families who love these babies like they deserve to be loved!

When these 3 were brought up they were malnourished and really in poor health. With the help of Linda and Dan (2 awesome fosters that failed fostering 101 and adopted BOTH Bandit and Samauri) these 3 babies have grown into 3 of the most amazing puppies!

I personally think Alex has found him a little fluffy girl to play with and spoil!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flower Patch Girl ~ Rose! "Molly" ONE YEAR AGO!!!

Molly was one of the Flower Patch Girls!!! These cute little baby girls were rescued from a rural shelter in South Carolina a year ago! Mollys mommy sent us a collage of how she has grown over the last year! She truly has become a spoiled little girl as well, her mommy and grandmommy even make her doggie meatballs! She has mastered her vocabulary skills, learning: sit, stay, down, off, treat, wait, paw, dog, Grandma, mommy, out, ride, walk and car! Danielle and her Molly are off to a great new life together and I am sure many more adventures in the many many years to come.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Frankie! ~ Not So Little Anymore!!!

We got a update on Frankie today! He is GROWING LIKE CRAZY!!! As you can see he is not the small little boy he used to be but his "human" brother doesnt get that quite yet!!! Frankie is living it up in New Jersey, spoiled by Ray and his son!!

Yet again another GROWL southern rescued furkid finding his forever home!!!!

Tiggy (Scruffy) ~ Spoiled ROTTEN in NJ!!

Tiggy was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina and came up to New Jersey with his pal Ginger. We rescued Tiggy and Ginger at the very last minute. They were so little the shelter had put them in the puppy room and they were only there a couple of hours when a puppy in that room broke with parvo and the shelter was euthing every animal in there. They called us and asked us if we would take the risk and take these two. Within a couple of minutes we were in the car and headed to get them! Tiggy and Ginger made it out healthy and now in their forever homes!!!

Tiggy is beyond spoiled and is quite chunky now considering he was all bones when we rescued him! He sits up on command and scurries about as happy as a clam!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Bear! Another Rescued Mississippi Miracle!

Little Bear was from one of the latest litters rescued from Mississippi. He came to New Jersey with his littermates looking for furever love!! Little Bear found it with Daniela and her great family! From being dropped off with his littermates in a box at a adoption event, he surely has come a long way!!! What a strong little boy and it looks like he is getting more and more spoiled by the day!

Thanks Daniela for giving this boy a great new start in life and the love he needs to become a true "Little Bear"!!!

Chico ~ Dumpster Boy Turned Handsome Jersey Boy!!!

Chico was found is South Carolina at a dumpster hiding in every corner he could find and even so scared that at 7-8 weeks he was already nipping from fear! He was being given away to anyone that would "come and get him so to speak". Chico's guardian angel Brenda insisted that we get Chico to New Jersey and work with him and find this boy the best home possible! Soon after that Chico jumped on the van run I was driving up and Chico found his way to a new life!!! Once in New Jersey Brenda and Cheryl worked with Chico and just after 2 weeks of sure LOVE, Chico was a new little loving man! On one of the last trips to NJ, I went over and visited Chico to see the difference and followup with another puppy shot. I must say that Lisa and her family truly found a GEM, as you can see Chico looks AWESOME!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Halley ~ The Sweetie With A Halo!!!

Claudia recently sent us the new family photo! Halley looks adorable as always and is already growing! She was rescued from Mississippi and made the trip up to New Jersey recently with her littermates!!

We all think that Jordan (their 17 yr old foster mommy in Mississippi) did a excellent job taking care of them prior to coming to New Jersey!! True rescuer at such a young age...AWESOME!!

Claudia came up with the name for Halley from Halleys Comet! (We named her Halley since she has a round spot on her head like a halo)...Just Great!!!

Simber & Sara ~ Perfect Match!

I heard from Simber's new mom tonight and she hasnt stopped clicking the camera and has found her "Perfect Match" in Simber! I also think that Simber seems to not mind that one tiny bit, she will love being spoiled and loved like she truly deserves! Simber was rescued from South Carolina. She was found by GROWL with her 4 littermates in a rural kill shelter. She is truly living the great life now!!

Congrats to Simber and Sara and we wish them the best of luck in their bonding adventure!!!

Oliver~Jersey Boy Loving Living At The Shore!!!

Oliver was from a litter of 7 recently rescued from Mississippi! Thanks to the awesome folks there he make his way to NJ and has found his forever home with Ann and Dan down at the Jersey Shore! As you can see little Oliver rules the car and and house already at his young age!!!

Congrats Ann and Dave on your new rescued addition!!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bandit and Samauri ~ Absolutely Adorable!

Bandit and Samauri were from a litter of 3 furkids that came to New Jersey from South Carolina. They were itty bitty babies and were very malnourished and just need LOADS of love. Linda and Dan were set to adopt one of these babies before they arrived but as you can see they ended up with BOTH brothers! Lola was also adopted to a great family in New Jersey. Linda and Dan fostered all 3 of these babies and got them through their challenging time with alot of love and careful monitoring! I guess they failed fostering 101, TWICE!! I get to see them quite a bit when I am in the area and they truly are growing so big! They were a mere 2-3 lbs when they arrived and they are at 23 and 24 now!!!

They look AWESOME!!!