Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bandit and Samauri ~ Absolutely Adorable!

Bandit and Samauri were from a litter of 3 furkids that came to New Jersey from South Carolina. They were itty bitty babies and were very malnourished and just need LOADS of love. Linda and Dan were set to adopt one of these babies before they arrived but as you can see they ended up with BOTH brothers! Lola was also adopted to a great family in New Jersey. Linda and Dan fostered all 3 of these babies and got them through their challenging time with alot of love and careful monitoring! I guess they failed fostering 101, TWICE!! I get to see them quite a bit when I am in the area and they truly are growing so big! They were a mere 2-3 lbs when they arrived and they are at 23 and 24 now!!!

They look AWESOME!!!