Monday, June 1, 2009

Paws Up and Hugs to New Jersey!!!

All these furkids want to give huge High Fives and many Puppy Breath Kisses to all of the volunteers and fosters all over New Jersey!!! This was from the last adoption event and all the babies had just arrived and their xpen was set up ready and we were all welcomed with open arms!

Without the MANY people helping us out in NJ we would not be able to do all that we do and save as many as we pull from the rural shelters!!! They never intended to be "rescuers" I dont think, but it just happens!!!!

"Brody" ~ Escaped SC and Found Happiness in NJ!!!

Brody was a 1 year old yellow lab having a hard time finding his forever home is South Carolina! We had a van run planned to go to NJ, so Brody caught a ride and never looked back!!! He is living it up with the Caprio's in NJ and loving everyday. We had a little scare a few weeks ago as Brody had a seizure episode, but with his family praying and staying by his side Brody has pulled through it and doing great now!!!

JuJu (Julie) ~ A True Diamond in The Rough!

JuJu as I love to call her finally found her new and furever home in Brooklyn. She was rescued from Mississippi and came to NJ in search of some love! JuJu was a little shy and it took awhile for her to find her forever home. Everyone that met all of the other pups we had always took the ones that would run up and greet them, but JuJu was clearly waiting until they were all gone to Shine! She went to a foster home in NJ with Stacy and out of the blue one day we got a email about her and Allison and Neil wanted to meet her! I was elated!!! They clearly loved her from day one and wow you can tell from the pics on the first weeting where she was so shy and look at her now! She even went swimming while in Ohio!!

Thanks to everyone that gave JuJu that little extra time and love she needed and I can clearly see JuJu has found her forever home and both Allison and Neil are awesome! Oh and by the way, her new name is Jonesy, but its so hard for me to adjust!!! :)