Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*Strummer Struts His Stuff in Hoboken*

Strummer (Tango) has a knack for strutting his stuff along the streets of Hoboken! Strummer was rescued from the Camden South Carolina kill shelter. He was vetted and transported to New Jersey via GROWL. Once in New Jersey a meet and greet was set up with June for her to meet Juliet and Strummer. She had a immediate attraction to Strummber. As a first time dog owner June wanted to make sure Strummer had all he needed. A few days later, with dog walker, doggie daycare and everything all set up June and Strummer made the adoption official. I have seen Strummer on occasion and he has blossomed into a WONDERFUL man! Being a adult pup in a shelter in SC he had little chance and from the moment I laid eyes on Strummer has always had a special place in my heart because he was right when you opened the kennel door at the shelter just looking at me with those little basset hound legs that point outward! Ready to go, I had a full van for 2 trips but told them if his day came I would take him but he would have to wait until the scheduled 3rd trip, well he stayed and was there waiting when it was time for us to go! I am very happy to have adopted him to June and I can tell you that this boy knows love now and has the best care I could ever wish for!

Here is Strummer in Ariels tub at NYC Disney!

~ Kissable Kirby Found His Forever Home in New York ~

Kirby was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. He was transported via GROWL to New Jersey and was in search for his forever loving home. Erica found Kirby online and he went for a meet and greet. Kirby is so cute that who in the world would deny this boy, and that is exactly what happened! Kirby was adopted on a foster to adopt situation and everything worked out perfectly! Erica is a pastor in New York and as it came out while talking to Erica she actually lived in South Carolina for 9 years and was very familiar with Kirbys home area! Congrats Kirby and Erica and we look forward to more pictures and updates to come!

Derby ~ The Gentle "Big Brother"

Within the past couple of months Laurie and Mike welcomed little babygirl Finley into the world and the Derby boy has been the most amazing Big Brother! I was updating the blog and got a great email from Lauri and these really awesome pics. Lauri is also a photographer and you can view her work at www.laleephotography.com.

Hey Dawn!

Saw you are updating the blog and just wanted to tell you how proud we are of our Derby! He became a big brother this year and has been nothing but sweet and gentle with his little sister Finley. She is OBSESSED with him too. She has even started imitating his doggy sounds!
I've attached a couple Derby photos (notice the one where he takes advantage of his little sister getting attention to sneak some food off the counter). We love our Derby Dog!!
Lauri :)

You can see below that Derby still has his sneeky side!

Smush (Sassie) Makes Memories With Katie and Matt!

Sassie has a very special meaning that will be remembered forever! Her new dad Matt emailed about her and asked to meet her. Sassie was being taken care of by a great foster mom Norma. Matt went over to meet Sassie and fell in love with her. Sassie was tiny at the time and had not eaten well the last day and so she went to the vet for a little boost of fluids. On the day when Matt was to pick up Sassie I had decided to bring Sassie back to South Carolina and I would bring her back again in two weeks once we were certain she was ready. Matt was pretty upset and once he explained it I fully understood. We came to a understanding about Sassie and what to do if indeed she had any other eating issues in the next few days and Matt picked her her up and took her home. Little miss Sassie was going to be a huge surprise that night as Matt proposed to his new fiance Katie! Needless to say she was a pretty big part of the evening and Katie indeed said yes! Sassie is a hit in Hoboken and makes a statement on the streets as she is precious! Congrats to Katie and Matt and congrats to Sassie for finding her forever home and making Katies proposal so very special! Oh, and by the way her new name is Smush and we love it!!!

Katie, Dawn and Smush!

Fancy and Frankie ~ Dressed To Take Manhattan!

Fancy and Frankie were in South Carolina waiting patiently for new homes, but seeing as though they were adults it was taking quite awhile! GROWL transported these 2 cuties to New Jersey and they were fostered by Erica in Manhattan. Only a couple of days passed and Frankie and Fancy (now named Angie) had found their forever home TOGETHER with Tony and Mindy. So they now take Manhattan in style and on the weekends escape to the woods in the upstate for a little bit of country living! They have the best of both worlds! Also, recently Tony and Mindy welcomed their new baby into the world and we want to give them congratulations on their new addition!

Scottie ~ Scooting Around Long Island City, NY

Scottie was in a kill shelter in South Carolina and needed rescue because of his attitude. The dachshund breed can sometimes have a little attitude and if not "adjusted" then they need a home without small kids and a adult with some past experience with dachshunds. This was the case with Scottie. Susan came across Scottie and since she had previous experience with dachshunds it was indeed the perfect home for Scottie. As you can see Scottie has made himself right at home and has found his new and forever home with Susan in Long Island City!

Thank you Susan for welcoming Scottie in your life and understanding him so that he gets the love and care he has longed for and deserves!

Marley At Home in NJ With The Thompsons!

Marley (formerly Tippy) is the sister of Jada that is in the posts below. Marley was also rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina and was transported via GROWL to New Jersey to find her forever home. The Thompsons from NJ adopted Marley and she has become spolied just like her sister! We want to extend a great thanks to the Thompsons for opening their home to a rescued GROWLKID and giving Marley the loved she deserves!

Nessie Gives Lucy Plenty of Laughs!

Nessie (formerly Bella) is quite the little nut! She always has been up to mischief and loves to play and act a little crazy! She always has kept us all guess and she still keeps Lucy on her toes. She is always doing something cute and the loads of pictures Lucy has proves it! Nessie was rescued from South Carolina and now lives in Edgewater with Lucy and the family. I got this recently from Lucy so I decided to quote it! Thanks Lucy for giving Nessie the love and care she deserves and always snapping those pictures that keep me grinning!

" I wanted to let you know, she's doing great. She spends her days napping, playing (she loves any and all toys) and begging for food. I try to be a strict disciplinarian but my parents spoil her rotten. Can't blame them though. She's seriously cute. She's brought us so much joy and she's the best thing to happen to my household.

Much thanks to Growl,

RJ's Family is Growing!

Little RJ was adopted to the lovely Jovely from New Jersey. RJ was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. He quickly adjusted to being a king and has been spoiled since Jovely layed eyes on him. Jovely has announced that she is expecting so RJ will have a new friend in the next few months and we want to say congrats to the family and we cant wait to hear more news and updates as they come! Here is the Little RJ posing as he always does!

Molly ~ Perfect Piece of The Puzzle

Little Molly was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. As an adult, its harder for them to find homes in the south than the itty bitty puppies and well she also was black. Her odds were not good in South Carolina. She was rescued, vetted and transported via GROWL to New Jersey. She soon found her perfect fit in Brooklyn, New York! Jill and Jeff met Molly and fostered to adopt her and they fell in love with little Molly! We are waiting on a song to be wrote and sang about Molly (hint hint Jeff). As always, Molly deserves all the love and care she is receiving and thanks go out to Jill and Jeff for loving Molly and saving a life!

Baxter Has Found A Buddy!

It seems as time has unfolded that Baxter has found his buddy in Bryan. Baxter was rescued from a shelter in South Carolina. He was transported along with his mom Pippy and the rest of the litter to NJ via GROWL. The litter all found excellent loving homes (Bruce in the post below is Baxters brother). Baxter lives in New Jersey now with the Cammerinos and is growing up to be a very handsome little man! Thanks to the Cammerinos for adopting and saving a life!