Friday, June 19, 2009

Triska and Cassma * Sisters Living The GREAT Life in NJ!!

GROWL rescued these girls along with their sister Simber from a rural kill shelter in South Carolina. (You can see Simber in the past blogs below). These girls were lucky enough to find their forever home TOGETHER!! Their mommy was interested in either of the girls and she agreed to foster them BOTH until we found a home for whichever one didnt "bond" with their family the best. Well, I mean really, who wouldnt love both of these girls! So needless to say both of these girls are living together in their forever home. They frolic and play together and are just the best of friends and wow what a great life. We are also connecting Sara (Simbers mommy) and Susan (Cassma and Triskas mommy) so that all of the girls can get together for many play dates! (P.S. We want pictures ladies!!)

Two more lucky GROWLKIDS in their furever homes!!!!

Lola ~ The Princess of the Three....

Lola is the sister of Bandit and Samauri in the blog below. She was the only female of the three that GROWL rescued. As you can see from her pictures below she is still growing and becoming a gorgeous (yet big) girl!! Her daddy Greg is pictured here with her when she was adopted and Alex her cuddles her for her recent picture!! As you can see Lola is in a awesome home like all of our GROWLKIDS!! We are so thankful for families who love these babies like they deserve to be loved!

When these 3 were brought up they were malnourished and really in poor health. With the help of Linda and Dan (2 awesome fosters that failed fostering 101 and adopted BOTH Bandit and Samauri) these 3 babies have grown into 3 of the most amazing puppies!

I personally think Alex has found him a little fluffy girl to play with and spoil!!!