Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GROWLKIDS Need A Little Help....


If you have adopted a GROWLKID or you are a GROWL Supporter or just happened to swing by the blog on accident, GROWL needs your help! Times are tough and the economy has hit everyone hard. We have been VERY fortunate to be using our own van for the last months and are able to carry GROWLKIDS north at least twice a month! This has helped us out alot!

GROWL has FINALLY placed the last GROWLKID that was in boarding in a foster home! We have been on a mission to do this so that we can start chipping away at the accruing monthly bills we have. We have started with a 1,000.00 goal and hope to be able to start there and raise what we need to so that we can continue to pull, transport, and vet the many GROWLKIDS we rescue.

GROWL has done many massive shelter pulls using 15-20 kennel runs at a time just to save as many lives as we can!

We currently have a surgery pending that will be about 500.00 and we need to apply 500.00 to the boarding bill. We have been doing at least 2 van transports each month north of furkids and we have had a few van repairs that have taken alot of the rescue funds we have raised lately.

We would greatly appreciate your help if you can so that we are able to save many more GROWLKIDS!!!

THANK YOU for helping all of these wonderful rescued babies!!!!

You can paypal donations to mygrowl@yahoo.com or the Chip-In is in the box below!!!