Friday, October 3, 2008

Six Lucky Pups Are On Their Way North... To New Homes!

Whew... what a day! We were lucky enough to get volunteers to really pull through to get the six lucky pups from South Carolina to NJ on a Friday! Well, they will actually spend the night in DE but will be at Dawn's house in NJ on Saturday morning! The six lucky babies were Truffles, Snickers, Liccorice, Peppermint Patty, Almond Joy and Reeses! They were all pulled out of the Greenville SC shelter about 3 weeks ago and were quarantined at 2 awesome foster homes! Almond Joy was a very lucky baby because she had been attacked by a big dog. When her foster mom saw her in the shelter she knew she had to help that poor girl because noone else would... and it worked because Almond Joy is now completely healed and healthy! All of these GrowlKids have pre-approved adoptors and after Dawn introduces them to their families and confirms they will be a good match, the furkids will be heading to their new homes this weekend!!! We owe a HUGE thank you to the foster families who have taken care, loved and cherished these babies as though they were their own! We also owe a huge thanks to the drivers today who stepped up and went way above and beyond to assure these babies get to new loving homes and I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my rescue partner Dawn! She travels many hours to do the home visits and meet the families to make sure they are approved and worthy of these babies. It is only because of EVERYONE that these babies get to safety and out of these shelters!!! So CONGRATS to these furkids and their new families (and we will be waiting for updates from Dawn once they are all situated!)

Audra O.

Almond Joy at her foster mom's home while getting a whole lot of TLC!!!

Truffles being his adorable self!!!

Snickers is an absolute lovebug who can't get enough swimming in the kiddy pool!!!