Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pixar Takes Manhattan!


Mr. Pixar has taken over Manhattan! Pixar was rescued by GROWL after he was discovered in a kill shelter in South Carolina. Pixar had been there about 9 months and just didn't really bond with anyone that wanted to rescue him. So as a shelter favorite he had lasted there for months but poor Pixar deserved a forever home. Once GROWL saw Pixar he was sure to come along and be a GROWLKID! Since being rescued Pixar has basically taken over Manhattan, sniffing and smelling every stoop, hydrant and everything around! Congrats on Pixar on FINALLY finding your FOREVER loving home.

Middletown Welcomes Daisy Mae!

This little cutie, Daisy Mae, was rescued by GROWL from a kill shelter in South Carolina. She is a sweet female coonhound that found herself needing a forever family so soon in her young life. Daisy Mae has found her forever home in Middletown, New York. Anthony and his family and fur-brother Beau welcomed her with open arms. Good Luck Daisy Mae and you definately have a home for the rest of your life. Sweet Dreams!

Lovey is Loving Little Ferry NJ!

Little Miss Lovey has found her forever home in New Jersey with Stephanie. Lovey was rescued from a high kill shelter in rural South Carolina. Stephanie fostered to adopt Lovey when she came to New Jersey and simply fell in love with her little short legged cute self! Congrats to Stephanie and Lovey!