Wednesday, March 11, 2009

*Eli* His Mommys BIG BOY!!!

Eli has found his home with 2 amazing people!! He truly picked a great home to hang his hat! Tarin always keeps us updated and we get tons of pics Of Eli, and we love it!!! Here are a few pics of Eli in his new home, and yes this is the same Eli that won the "Best Bum Wiggler" contest when he was a small little man! He has grown into a very handsome man!! Below you can see some of Elis great pics!!

Eli has a rescued sister too names Bella and she loves him too as you can see!!!

Eli was rescued from a rural shelter in SC and also being a lab and black in the south his future was pretty much set, but GROWL rescued him and his littermates and found them homes!!

~Champ~ A Big Hit in Town!!!

~Champ~ has found his forever home in NJ! This is his updated picture in his new home!!! He was adopted to Liz and Norman and their 2 boys in 2008 and Champ continues to rule his town! He is VERY well known at the football field and all the local events!!! Its always great to see Champ and how big he is getting! When I am in town Liz always makes a point to big this big hunk of love around so I can oogle and google over him!!!

Champ was rescued from a high kill shelter in rural South Carolina and he was also black and sadly his future was VERY dim, but now Champ has a bright and very very happy future!!!