Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beaches was the "underdog" at a South Carolina kill shelter. Beaches was your typical little black lab pup that noone wanted. Time ticked away and no rescue had stepped up for Beaches. GROWL was tagged as the last resort rescue.

Beaches came to New Jersey via GROWL and she went into her foster home in Washington Township, New Jersey. Amy and her family loved her from day one and she started learning her "house manners". She also was renamed Melissa, this little girl soon had a amazing shiny coat, great car manners and was a true lovebug blossoming! After a little over a month, Melissa (Beaches) was soon adopted to the Noe family of Brick, New Jersey!

As you can see, she has settled in quite nicely and also has 2 sisters, Ginger a senior Golden and Skyler a wonderful Boston Terrier. I want to thank the Noe Family for giving such a wonderful home to this special "underdog", she is now known as "Baby", A name she clearly meets all requirements to have!