Thursday, June 11, 2009

Frankie! ~ Not So Little Anymore!!!

We got a update on Frankie today! He is GROWING LIKE CRAZY!!! As you can see he is not the small little boy he used to be but his "human" brother doesnt get that quite yet!!! Frankie is living it up in New Jersey, spoiled by Ray and his son!!

Yet again another GROWL southern rescued furkid finding his forever home!!!!

Tiggy (Scruffy) ~ Spoiled ROTTEN in NJ!!

Tiggy was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Carolina and came up to New Jersey with his pal Ginger. We rescued Tiggy and Ginger at the very last minute. They were so little the shelter had put them in the puppy room and they were only there a couple of hours when a puppy in that room broke with parvo and the shelter was euthing every animal in there. They called us and asked us if we would take the risk and take these two. Within a couple of minutes we were in the car and headed to get them! Tiggy and Ginger made it out healthy and now in their forever homes!!!

Tiggy is beyond spoiled and is quite chunky now considering he was all bones when we rescued him! He sits up on command and scurries about as happy as a clam!!!