Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Bongo!" ~ (aka Paulie) Loving Lil Missy and Rahway!

~Bongo~ was another example of breeding gone bad. GROWL went to PA and rescued 11 JRT's from a breeder. Needless to say they all needed a little extra care, you will see "Socks" in a another part of this blog, she was also a part of this eleven. Bongo is loving his new life in Rahway with Warren and Jennifer and his fursister a terrier mix named Missy! We want to thank the Chens for adopting Bongo and giving him the forever love and care that he so deserves!

Warren even said they even thought of naming him Pogo because Bongo truly lives up to that JRT trait of bouncing EVERYWERE!!! Kinda hard to believe it as he looks so calm sunning here, well I know first hand this little man can run some laps around us all!!!

"Little Noah" ~ aka "Slate"

Noah (formerly known as Slate) was pulled from a high kill shelter in South Carolina like many of these lucky babies. He and his littermates went into foster and soon after they made there way north to be adopted to some amazing families! This is Noah on his adoption day with Ellen and her daughter. She has Noah in puppy classes now and is even considering having him trained to be a therapy dog! We look forward to hearing of Noahs "puppy progress" and getting some great pics to come. This is also a picture of Noah in January.

Tully and O'Reilly Rule Their House!!!

Tully was rescued from a breeder in PA. He was living with other Bishons in aouse that had no electricity and we had to chase them around the living room with a oil lantern. He was quite a mess when we found him, he was matted in some areas but yet hair loss in alot of areas due to being flea infested! We took him back to NY to the groomers and he got a "luxury" bath!! Here he is with his furbrother O'Reilly (Tully has the black nose)!!! We want to thank Lucy for always sending us great pics of these guys and keeping us updated! We love pics of the GROWLKIDS and seeing them sooooo happy and loved the way they all deserve!!!

Maddie ~ At Home in New York!!

Maddie (aka Brittany) came to GROWL from Mississippi. She has found her forever life with the Zieglers in New York! You can see Miss Maddie here before she came to GROWL and also here she is all grown up and enjoying her chewy!! Huge thanks to the Zieglers fr chosing to adopt and welcome a GROWLKID into their home!!!

"Grits" ~ Living it up in Vegas baby!!

One of my personal first rescues other than cockers was Grits! She was in a very high kill shelter in South Carolina. When I pulled Grits she had NO HAIR all over her face from allergies. She looked much worse than her shelter pic here. Grits soon had a wonderful lady apply for her in Las Vegas that wanted Grits no matter what and loved her no matter how much hair she had (or didnt have). So aboard a flight Little Miss Grits went to Nevada!! It was a true match!!! Here is Little Miss Grits now (named after her southern roots) lounging with Wylie whom was rescued off of a LA freeway! She has truly found her forever home and after quite a few years she still looks soooo beautiful!!

Oh and if you want to check her mommys website out, have a look at her awesome PJ's!!

Maxwell ~ aka "Truffles"

Maxwell was also pulled from a South Carolina High kill shelter. He came up to New Jersey andfound his forever home with Irene! You will see below just how handsome and BIG Maxwell is! That cute little "Truffle" is growing like a Green Giant!!! Here he is in his new found home and he is living it up!!!

Truffles as a baby and "Maxwell" now....

Sally ~ aka Peppermint Patty!! Still a Little Shy.....

Sally was rescued as a puppy from Greenville, SC. She was in a kill shelter and found her way to a GROWL foster home and is now living it up in New Jersey!! Sally "adopted" the Kennedys and as you can see she is right at home! She is still a little shy so they are thinking of getting her a sibling to maybe help bring her around a little more! Congrats Sally on finding yourself such a awesome family!!!!

~Beau~ Living it Up in New Jersey!!

~Beau~ is one lucky black lab rescued from South Carolina! He was brought up from a high kill shelter and has found his forever home in New Jersey with Beth and her family!!! A huge Kudos for Brenda's help with Beaus adoption also, we would have found Beth and her great family without the Great Mrs. Brenda!! Congrats Beau you are a very handsome man!!!