Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Minnie Is Growing So Fast!!!!!

Well here is a wonderful update on Minnie of the Mickey and Minnie Duo from Kentucky!!! We got a update recently from the Stewarts of NJ and Minnie is doing just great!!! In July she had her first visit to Central Park and had so much fun she tired out under a tree and gave up trying to explore the whole park!!!

As you can see below Minnie (they kept the name as the whole family and esp. the kids love Disney!) was a itty bitty thing when the Stewarts adopted her and she has grown a bundle!!! The first pic is her shelter pic with Mickey!!!

Rosie/Maddie Update!!!

Rosie, now known as Maddie has been learning alot since she has been in her new home!!! Iris has been teaching her to sit and also down!! She seems to be a fast learner!!!

Maddie was rescued from Greenville County Shelter in SC. This is one lucky Puggle!!!We want to thank Iris and the Han family for giving Maddie her new furever home!!!!

You can see Maddie "hiding" in her basket of toys, sneaking away for a little nap and also sitting for a treat!!!

Pepper!!! (One of the Three April, May and June Greyhound Mixes)

We got a GREAT update with a picture last Tuesday of Pepper!!! She was one of the 3 girls that were greyhound mixes that came up from South Carolina!!! Nick sent us a picture of his girl and is already looking for Pepper a playmate too!!! I am more than certain we can match him up with yet another GROWLKID!!!

Here is a before pic of Pepper....

And this is her in her new home!!!

Update on The Bostons!!!

Back in May GROWL got a call from Dr. Shannan Miller in Barnwell she had just received in her clinic a Boston Terrier mom and her 2 puppies that were found beside the road. Within minutes GROWL volunteers went to the clinic to help. These babies didn't even have their eyes open yet! They were all infested with fleas and were just in horrible shape. We gave them all baths and fed the mommy and get them settled as best we could. The next step was reaching out to the Boston Terrier Rescue for help. As always they stepped right up when we called. I took these guys with me all cleaned and fed to Spartanburg where they immediately saw Dr. Chappell and he deemed that yet the mom did have some neurological issues but other than needing some weight she could care for her babies with proper care and nutrition. Shortly after that vet visit a Boston Terrier Rescue volunteer picked them up from Audra and I as they were safe to be released to rescue.

We recently got a update on them and they are doing just great!!! You will see below that there are before and after pics!!! These babies have GROWN!!!! Wow!!

Mom and babies BEFORE!!!!

Mom and Babies now!!!! WOW!!!

Frannie Made it to San Diego!!!

Frannie is quite the traveler these days!!!! Frannie came here to NJ with her 3 littermatesfrom Mississippi, Frannie attended Puppy Mill Awareness Day with us. At the end of the day she went to foster with Catherine and Sharon, two of our awesome volunteers!!!! Catherine was coming to NY a few days later so Frannie headed this way in hopes of being adopted real soon! Well, as it turned out Catherines best friend was looking for a rescued baby to call her own and well, Frannie was the lucky girl!!

Frannie flew back with her new mommy to San Diego, CA on Sunday!!!! She has been a hit with the kids there at home and is having a blast!! We look forward to hearing more great stories from Frannies family and also her new name is still being decided!!

Print Auction and Magnets!!!

The Print Auction was a success and we want to thank everyone for bidding on these awesome prints and supporting GROWL!!! Also, please use www.pawsake.org for your rescue auctions, this site is run by a fellow rescuer and she has made it so we all do not get charged all of the extra listing fees!! Its a great asset to all of the rescues that need to count every dime and nickle (I think thats all of us)!!

Also, dont forget GROWL also now has many rescue magnets online for sale and there are a few more we still are adding!!! So get yours today and spread the word about rescue and spay/neuter!!!

Direct Magnet Link is below......


WOOFSTOCK 2008 in PA!!!

GROWL attended Woofstock 2008 in Harrisburg, PA!!!

This was a great time as well!! Many many furkids came out for the event and it was just as fun to set up along side Pennsylvania Stray Save yet again!!

We had alot of visitors to our table which is always great, but we also got two of our furkids staright off transport from SC! Diana picked up Roger and Lena from Baltimore, MD and brought them to us in Harrisburg. I tell you Roger was one lucky man, he showed up to the table all dirty and matted but he still have a amazing spirit!! Lena was already freshly bathed thanks to her overnighter but poor Roger left a twang in your nose!! :)

Roger Before....

Lucky for Roger the folks at Dirty Dog Mobile Makeover were onsite!! They gave Roger a full spa treatment and a awesome shave!!! We want to give them a paws up for helping Roger feel like a new man again!!!

Below you will see Roger and Lena and how they "manned" the GROWL table!!!

Puppy Mill Awareness Day Sept 20,2008

GROWL attended Puppy Mill Awareness Day in Lancaster, PA with Pennsylvania Stray Save! It was a huge success and alot of fun as well. We took Felix and Frannie with us. They are 2 coonhound mixes that were rescued from Mississippi. They enjoyed all of the love and affection they received throughout the day. We met and saw alot of people that are fellow rescuers and even adopters!


Well everyone it seems as though we need to follow with the times and also start blogging!! We are hoping this will indeed keep everyone updated of GROWL events, adoptions, and much more that goes on!!! There is so much that goes on each and every day that it is truly to much to update and load on the website so just maybe this will help everyone see just what all GROWL does on a daily basis!!! I want to first start off by saying thank you to everyone that helps us, fosters, transport drivers and every single person that crossposts, helps with adoptions, home visits and so much more. All of these furkids would not be safe in homes and rescues without each and every one of you!

Now that GROWL is "blogging" you will see daily updates and I am VERY excited to be able to let everyone see what all the furkids are doing daily!!! So keep visiting www.mygrowl.com and also the blog!!!

Well, hold on tight...here come the updates!!!!