Thursday, March 1, 2012

Greta and Trinity the Tripod ~ Moved In & Wouldnt Leave!

I'm NOT leaving again! You are stuck with me mommy Susan!

The days were not all this great in South Carolina. Trinity, a little tripod dachshund and Greta,a littermate of hers, found themselves in a high kill shelter in South Carolina. These 2 ladies were among over 60 that were seized due to a hoarder that have over 60 dachshunds and chihuahuas. Greta and Trinty were offered a foster home in New Jersey with Sue and Rich whom had adopted Sir Lancealot from GROWL previously. Greta and Trinity immediately bonded with Susan and still taking stepping stones with Rich. Theselittle ladies would steal your heart if you gave it to them, and well....thats exactly what happened to Susan. Greta went out on a foster to adopt in New York and yelped when she was separated from Trinity. Susan of course was a bit upset as well. None of these 3 were happy. A few days later Greta was reunited wth Trinity and Susan when I made a home visit to see Greta and she had yet to come out of her shell and was hiding until she saw me and didn't leave my side. I reunited her with Trinity and Susan. Rich and Lance surely have their hands full now as there are 4 females in the house and 2 males. But as you can see clearly everyone is happy!

Pandora ~ Home in Port Jervis, New York!

Little Miss Pandora found herself in a kill shelter in South Carolina. She was not even circulated out to rescues, she was though lucky enough to have a rescuer come in and look for the ones that are always left off the list and she was given her second chance a life. Thanks to this rescuer Pandora was transported and brought to NJ/NY via GROWL. Pandora found love and forever committment in Port Jervis! As you can see from the picture she is the apple of Lillians eye!

Edgar "Eddie" Is The PAWFECT Manhattan Pup!

Edgar, now name Eddie, was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. Little Edgar was a charmer from day one to everyone! Jaqueline saw Edgar online and wanted to foster to adopt him, it was only a couple of days until I got the email that Edgar had charmed her and he had indeed found his forever home. Little Eddie as he is now called struts his stuff everywhere and he rules the streets in Manhattan. As you can see in the photos that Eddie love Pre-Westminister and all the festivities. He loves lounging at home as well. Thanks to Jaqueline for chosing to adopt and also for supporting GROWL with her donation drives of linens and food!

Jaqueline is also the owner of, so if you are in need of a dog walker or pet sitter in Manhattan please consider supporting Jaqueline!

Gisselle Found Her Forever Home in New York!

Gisselle was a very sweet little lady that found herself in a kill shelter in Virgina. Poor little Gisselle needed a second chance. GROWL pulled Gisselle from the kill shelter and she was on her way to a new chance at life. Gisselle has since found her forever home with the Cabrel family in New York. Little Gisselle also has a pom mix sister! She is adjusting well and loving life living in the Big Apple! Congrats Gisselle and the Cabrel family.

Diego and Bruiser ~ Two GROWLKIDS, Now Brothers!

A couple of years ago, little Diego was a GROWLKID available for adoption. He was named Teddy back then and he could run the entire length of a foyer and jump right up into your arms! He was quite the talented little man. He was fostered in New Jersey and wouldn't you know it he charmed the fosters neighbor! Well, the rest was history and he was no longer Teddy, he is now Diego and he is spoiled rotten. Since then, My wonderful foster Ilena has helped with fostering MANY GROWLKIDS and she always steps up when needed. This past holiday season, little Bruiser was rescued from South Carolina. Bruiser was and is a little old soul that just needs a loving home and a warm bed. Thats what we thought until he entered Ilenas home! He now rules the roost of the 3 babies residing there. He even sits outside and "monitors" them from a rock and keeps them all in order. Its literally the cutest thing! He many be itty bitty but he is a real "Bruiser". GROWL is very thankful to have Ilena and all of her friends and family that are always big supporters!

Rocky (Izz) Has Found His Forever Family in New Jersey!

Little Izz was found himself in a bit of a predicament in South Carolina. He was one of many from a hoader in a rural area of South Carolina. He and a few of his "buddies" found their way to GROWL via a shelter volunteer. Izz has the best little attitude and personality! He loves to be in your lap and has his playful moments as well. Izz found his way to NJ via GROWL and was fostered by one of our wonderful fosters. Well, it only took one day for Kathy to see little Izz and the application was sent in! As you can see, Izz was on the way to his new and forever life! Little Izz has already experienced his first snow and he also has a new name, Rocky. Congrats little Izz and to your new family as well!

Tebow Found His Forever Home In Bayonne!

This awesome little man was rescued from a VERY high kill shelter in South Carolina. Tebow was a lonely little puppy and looked so very sad. Now he is VERY happy, healthy and content because he has found his forever home in New Jersey with his "Big Sis". Tebow is yet another rescued GROWLKID that has went from mere rags to riches!