Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rocky (Izz) Has Found His Forever Family in New Jersey!

Little Izz was found himself in a bit of a predicament in South Carolina. He was one of many from a hoader in a rural area of South Carolina. He and a few of his "buddies" found their way to GROWL via a shelter volunteer. Izz has the best little attitude and personality! He loves to be in your lap and has his playful moments as well. Izz found his way to NJ via GROWL and was fostered by one of our wonderful fosters. Well, it only took one day for Kathy to see little Izz and the application was sent in! As you can see, Izz was on the way to his new and forever life! Little Izz has already experienced his first snow and he also has a new name, Rocky. Congrats little Izz and to your new family as well!

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