Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winston is a Staten Island Boy!

"Winnie" oh "Winnie" how you steal everyones heart! Winston was seized from a hoarder in South Carolina. He was one of more than 60 animals seized. His "siblings", Greta and Trinity, which you can see further down in the blog were also part of the seizure. These sweeties all made their way to the local county high kill animal shelter. They were then placed on death row. GROWL visited the shelter and saw these precious souls and many were rescued. Little Winston was the male in the group and very tiny. He was a little untrusting and still is uneasy around men. His new mom Dawn was fostering him for GROWL and bonded with him immediately. It was not long before Dawn was buying him coats, collars, shirts, leashes and every single cute item around. Why would she do this? He was only a foster baby right? Wrong! Winston clearly was never leaving the Orlando home. He has 2 fursisters Holly and Shiloh. He is still slowly learning to trust his dad though and continues to progress. He clearly made a bond with his new mommy though as it was love at first sight I think with those two! So now Winnie is a little Staten Island boy!