Friday, March 9, 2012

Wyman (Max) and Jazzie ~ Friends Forever!

After spending about a month in a kill shelter in South Carolina, Wyman made his way out of the shelter by GROWL and up to New Jersey. Wyman finally found his forever home and buddy in New Jersey. Wyman is quite the special little boy. He had some cute habits we all remember. He loves to sleep right beside you and he has a habit of making a nest in your hair to sleep. Quite the cutie! Wyman went into a foster home and soon our foster was contacted by friend that was looking for a special puppy for Jazzie. Wyman seemed to be the perfect one. Upon the visit, Wyman stayed for a few days to make sure he was indeed a perfect fit and as we all knew, Wyman was indeed in his forever home and he had a little buddy now in Jazzie so he would be busy all day! Wymans new name is Max and we are very thankful that he has this second chance and can make Jazzie smile too!

Oscar Struts His Stuff In West New York, NJ

Little Oscar found himself in a bind in South Carolina. Oscar was one of 5 pups that GROWL took in after a hoarder released some of her dogs to the kill shelter. Oscar and his "friends" were intercepted by a shelter volunteer that reached out to GROWL for assistance. Oscar soon found his way to New Jersey via one of the many GROWL transports. Julie and Sean had been looking for awhile for a quiet little terrier and Oscar surely fit the bill. He went on a foster to adopt and as you can guess, a few days later Julie and Sean let GROWL know that little Oscar had indeed found his second chance!