Thursday, March 22, 2012

ChiChi Finally Spoiled and Loved in NJ!

Little ChiChi found herself in a kill shelter in rural South Carolina. She won the hearts of the shelter staff and everyone that met her! ChiChi has a excellent temperament and personality. This little lady made her way to NJ via GROWL and she went on a home visit. Tony has wanted to rescue a small dog for himself but he also wanted a companion for his mom when he was working! At the home visit, ChiChi went right in and jumped in Tony's moms lap. She was "home" and I knew then I was leaving alone. ChiChi bonded with Tony and his mother immediately and as I was leaving the St. Patricks Parade was passing so little ChiChi got to enjoy her first parade in her new home! Congrats ChiChi, you deserve all the love and care I am sure you are getting!