Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brandy Is Loving Her Second Chance

As stunning and sweet as this wonderful girl is, she still ended up in a South Carolina kill shelter. Brandy was in a kennel with another older black and tan setter. The setter was rescued and Brandy was left behind. Brandy was then pulled by GROWL and transported up to New Jersey so that she too could have a second chance at life! Brandy was only a baby, a mere 5 months old. She had obviously not had the best beginning in her life and she needed a patient and loving home to call her own forever. When Harry saw Brandy online he never gave up to get a appointment and a home visit for her. Even contacting a previous adopter via the GROWL blog so I would know he and his wife were very sincere about adopting her. A few days later after Brandy was spayed she went on her meet and greet/home visit. It was love at first site and Brandy had indeed met her new family and the loving home she would call her own. Congratulations to Brandy and thanks to the Bess family for adopting and saving a life!

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