Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunshine Has Made The Days Bright For Lauren And Neil In Newburgh, New York

The sun is shining in Newburgh, New York! The days were once dark and gloomy for a special little lady name Sunshine. She was rescued from South Carolina when a rescue requested that GROWL take Sunshine and find her a loving home. That actually didn't take much time at all! As soon as Lauren saw Sunshine online she submitted her application and we worked with her during the week to organize a meet and greet. It was love at first sight for Lauren and as soon as she met Sunshine a new beginning had begun for them both. Sunshine now lives in Newburgh, New York with Lauren and Neil and as you can tell she feel very comfy in her new bed! Thanks to Lauren and Neil for adopting this baby and saving her life!


nfo184 said...

thanks for the sweetest most lovable dog :) glad we found her and thanks for everything!

nfo184 said...

thanks for the most lovable sweetest dog , shes been spoiled since her car ride home.... thanks again!

nfo184 said...