Monday, May 7, 2012

Sugar is Curled Up In Staten Island!

Little Miss Sugar was a owner turn in to a rural South Carolina kill shelter. Sugar is a true southern sweetheart, she even sits up and begs for treats and LOVES her bellyrubs! She was rescued by GROWL and she rode the GROWLVAN north to find her forever home. Kim and her family applied to meet Sugar and soon after we had a home visit and a meeting and Sugar begged them all for bellyrubs and she turned on the charm so they would love her! Well, Sugar must have done a great job because after that night Sugar has been loved on, gotten many belly rubs, a pink bed of her very own (that you can see her fur-brother Nikko sleeps in), and all the kisses and love she deserves. She also has a fur-brother Nikko as you can see in the picture and he too is so well cared for that Sugar is sure to get the best care and all-natural foods and treats just like Nikko! She hit the rags to riches lottery and we are so happy for Sugar and the Marino family.

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